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The Pokemon Circus School is still being build, do to open soon...


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How to Join, play, and rules

How to Join

Anyone may join, but once you join you have only 2 days to set your character up otherwise you'll be kicked for idleing. Once you have your character done then you'll not be kicked and will stay in the group providing your respectful of other members.

How to Join

Your first character
Your first character must always be a first evolved form of a pokemon or a very young form of a pokemon who can't evolve. In addition your character will start off with a red clown nose and your choice of a red bowtie or a red pointed hat and nothing else. At this form your character has no money and no experience at all and you start off as the rookie class. Your character's info is very important as your character's personality is very key to making other people like your character.

Leveling up
Once you gain enough experience you level up. The first time you level up you get to choose a one of seven kind of classes you want to exceed in. Choose Carefully as you don't get to pick another class unless you graduate or drop out. After you level up a second time you get the choice to expand your knowledge, evolve your character, or mature your character.
~Expand- levels your class up to the next level
~Evolve- Evolves your pokemon (if able)
~Mature- Allows you to edit your pokemon's physical appearance or personality
Note: You can skip evolve and mature if you don't wish to do either </i>

Student Store
As you gain experience you gain the same amount of money through submittions. You may use the money on the student store where you may purchase peices to make a clown costume. hats, face paint, clown shoes, pants, tops, gloves, vests, wigs, and more. You can buy these items and customize them and how they look yourself or you can give them to a friend and earn half of how much you bought it for in experience


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